Tim Pinet

B. Eng (Software)

Enterprise software engineer and project/program management.

Tim Pinet, B. Eng (Software)

Tim Pinet is a practicing software engineer, web developer, project manager, and program (portfolio) manager currently residing in Ottawa, Canada. As Ottawa is a large capital city with a technology sector rich with opportunity, Tim has had the fortune to practice software engineering, systems integration, and management in both private and public companies and in numerous industries such as:

Tim's open source mantra focuses him to work for low cost in any environment and has him giving back to projects (such as Apache and Sourceforge) and community knowledge bases (such as Stackoverflow and his personal blog). His belief is that you should spend money and time on talented people to give them training and tools. He has brought open source tools to his employers saving them thousands of dollars and giving them best practice accelerated development and testing capabilities without giving away limited funding, yet improving overall quality on delivery.

Loving all things software architecture and web, Tim is constantly reading on the newest technologies to better improve service to the end client. He has extensive experience in enterprise technologies, web services and integrations, client GUI development taking into account usability and accessibility, server architectures, database management integration, and more.

He is a very focused team player and enjoys leading. He has performed both at the Project Management and Program Management levels, handling multimillion dollar annual operating budgets and large teams of staff and contractors. He excels at communicating to colleagues, management, and clients in formal presentation and demo scenarios.


For more information about Tim's work experience please see his resumes:


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The best methods of communicating with Tim are via email (tim@pinet.ca) and LinkedIn. Please consult the iconified links at the bottom of the page for profiles on different social media sites.